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Anaborhi Silicone Breast Pump - Manual - Value Pack


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The Anaborhi Silicone Breast Pump is an easy-to-use lightweight breast pump that automatically draws out breast-milk using simple suction technique

Made from 100% food-grade silicone, this soft and comfortable breast pump is perfect for you to extract and store your milk so you (or Dad or Nanny/Daycare) can feed baby from a bottle; so that your baby doesn’t lack the goodness from your liquid gold even when you are away.

TO USE AS A BREAST PUMP: Simply suction pump (see user manual) on one or both breasts and let the pump do the work for you as it draws milk out from your breast.

It is best used while breastfeeding your baby on one side and pumping on the other, because breastfeeding stimulates the Milk Ejection Reflex(MER) on both breasts as baby sucks on one. Take advantage of the MER by putting your breast pump on one breast as you breastfeed your precious little one on the other breast.

TO USE AS A MILK CATCHER: If you prefer not to build a large milk stash, or store breastmilk for a shorter period; hold pump under one breast while breastfeeding on the other breast to collect breast milk leaks. Your liquid gold is too precious to waste.

•Easy to Use

•Perfect for working mothers

•Perfect for traveling, because it doesn’t require a power source

•Lightweight & Portable

•Wider Base to prevent falls and spills

•Pump without Electricity or Battery

•Soft and comfortable material

•Can be sterilized with any steam sterilizing system or boiling water

•BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free

•100% food-grade silicone

•Easy to Wash & Sterilize

•Dishwasher safe


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