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Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Portable Electric Breast Pump with LCD Screen


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The Signature Pro by Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump was created for moms who need to pump frequently. Every baby feeds differently. The Signature Pro Electric Breastpump offers three different pumping styles to choose from, allowing moms to choose the option that is most like their baby’s feeding patterns. This function is conveniently displayed in the digital LCD screen as a circle with three leaves. This Lansinoh double electric breast pump also offers eight suction levels that can easily be adjusted in the pump unit by pressing the “+” button for higher suction or the “-“ button for lower suction. The LCD display light will automatically switch off if no control buttons are pressed for 20 seconds to save power. If the breastpump unit is left on and unattended for more than 60 minutes, the control system will automatically power off. To turn unit back on, hold the power-on button for several seconds. The pump can be operated using the power cord or 6 AA batteries. The breast milk collection bottles are designed to fit across the entire Lansinoh breast pump range. The two-piece lids allow mom to store breastmilk in the bottles, or using the collar and NaturalWave nipple, baby can be fed directly from the same bottles used for pumping. Also, moms can pump directly into Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags with the use of any Lansinoh breast pump, to save time and reduce breastmilk transfer.




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