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Liname Neutral Pacifier Clip- 2 Pack Binky Holder Soothie Paci Clip


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  • Parents Love These Clips: Nothing is more annoying than when a pacifier falls on the ground. You have to clean it thoroughly before using it again. These holders attach to your baby’s clothes to prevent runaway binkies. They open and close easily for parents. But are still hard for babies to pull off. The set comes with 2 clips!
  • Safe For Your Baby: You can rest in the knowledge that all our products comply with safety standards and are leads and phthalates free.
  • Universal Fit & Multi Purpose: Our pacifier clips connect to all kinds of soothies or pacifiers (with or without a ring). They also work for teething toys, baby blankets, and drool bibs. The clips keep your baby stuff safe and sound. The plastic teeth attach with a solid grip but won’t damage your baby’s clothes


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