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Baby Disposable Diaper Sacks


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  • SAFER & SANITARY: Nappy Disposal System Made from 100% biodegradable plastic, these diaper disposal bags help you dispose of your little ones’ dirty diapers in a safe and sanitary way when you are at home or on-the-go. Leak proof design keeps the bacteria and wetness where it belongs
  • SCENTED DISPOSABLE DIAPERS BAGS: The diaper bags are infused with lavender to keep out all unpleasant odors and smells. Odor control
  • EASY TIE: Thick double seams prevent rips and tears. “Easy Tie” handles make it super easy for using and disposing of diapers. Put the baby soiled diaper in, knot it for completely sealing to prevent the spreading of the odors. Save time and easy to tie
  • MULIPURPOSE DIAPER BAGS: Disposable nappy can not only used dirty diapers trash bags for babies, can also be used to bring wet clothes home from diaper accidents on the go and even for dog and pets poop and scoop! It’s a must have for nurseries and moms with babies on the go with baby. Can hold 2-5 diapers comfortably
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: Box contains 1 package with 90 disposable diaper sacks in each packet. We provide the best customer experience possible. In case anything goes wrong, be sure we will respond to your concern within 24 hours.


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