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RyanLemon Baby Feeding Suction Bowl Silicone Bib Mash Bowl Set


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  • This is the ultimate baby feeding set specially selected. Less mess in mealtime
  • Bib: 100% silicone, soft for baby neck, with the secure button. Food-catching pocket stay open, and SUPPER EASY to clean!
  • Spill Proof Bowl Set: 3 bowls in different sizes, all with strong suction base, STAY PUT and SPILL PROOF, less mess in mealtime. The lids help keep the leftover
  • Mash Bowl Set: Mash up fruits and veggies, for quick and easy homemade baby food. Easy-to-Grip handles make it more efficient for mashing
  • Spoons: 2 temperature sensitive spoons, change color when temperature above 38¡æ/100.4F. This indicates the food is too hot for the baby and give it some time to cool down. It ensures a safe feeding with every mouthful!

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