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BABYSEATER Portable Playard Play Pen with Carrying Case


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When you need to get some work done at home or out in the yard, you do not always have the luxury of having a babysitter or your spouse nearby to watch the child while you do so. You need something that can safely house your child that offers good visibility and ensures their safety while you work.

That is exactly what you will get with the Babyseater Portable Playard. It offers clear mesh screens that allow for easy visibility, so you can both see the baby at all times and so that the baby can stay calm by seeing you as well.

The Babyseater Portable Playard is a large playard that is simple to use and to store away. It is made with a lightweight metal folding frame that makes it simple to load and unload the playpen anywhere, as well as to carry it to and from the locations where you need to use it.

When you get to where you want the baby to be, the Babyseater Portable Playard unfolds in seconds. It has a one-handed operation that makes it ideal for opening the Babyseater Portable Playard on your own even when you have your little one in your arms. It even has a strap for easy portability


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