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GreaterGoods Smart Baby Scale


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  • AN EASY CHOICE: Easy setup, easy function, easy connection. Simplicity is important, and from opening the box to connecting with your phone’s app, you’ll never wonder about whether or not you chose the right baby scale: you’ll know you did.
  • ALWAYS ACCURATE: What good is a scale if not accurate? We know babies often make it difficult for you to get that reading, but with our proprietary settling algorithm, even the squirmiest babies won’t thwart your plans. Wiggle or no, this scale calculates an accurate weight of your child in seconds.
  • MILESTONES IN MIND: As the little babe grows a bit, they won’t outgrow this scale; designed so it can easily be switched from baby to toddler mode and hold up to sixty-six pounds. This scale makes marking the milestones a breeze.


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