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Maymom Pump Valve for Ameda Purely Yours Pumps (6cts)


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  • Can be used in many pumps including Ameda Purely Yours, Freemie cups, Lansinoh Double Electric Pumps etc; Re-enfored material so valves will last longer. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • BPA FREE, DEHP FREE,Clear material so you can see the inside of valve easier
  • It is OK to see a small gap (less than 0.5mm) between the lips of the duckbill when not in use. It is not a defect. It can close properly during a pump action.
  • Cleaning note: Wash this piece with hot, soapy water. It is not advisable to insert any object into the valve opening to clean it. This may tear or stretch the part resulting in poor performance.


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