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Spectra Cooler Bag Kit – Ice Pack and 2 Bottles


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Sleek, simple, and convenient, the Spectra Pink Cooler Kit is great for active moms to help transport and store breast milk. The Spectra Pink Cooler Kit contains a reusable freezer pack and an insulated lining to allow breast milk to be kept cold for extended periods of time. The cooler is equipped with a zipper closure and carrying handle. Each Spectra Wide Neck Bottle included in the Spectra Pink Cooler Kit is BPA-free and can store expressed breast milk for up to 1 day inside of the cooler with a freezer pack. Contents include 1 Pink Cooler, 1 Freezer Pack, and 2 Spectra Wide Neck Storage Bottles with a cap, disc, and lid for each bottle. Includes: (1) Spectra cooler insulated carrier bag (pink), (1) gel freezer ice pack (for storage of breast milk), (2) Spectra bottles.


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