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Vicloon Baby Food Feeder Set


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Baby silicone food feeder can be used to suck all kinds of food except liquid food, balance the nutrition of young children, and let your child grow up healthily.
These silicone pacifiers make it easier for parents to feed their babies, who can chew and absorb nutrients like fresh and frozen fruit, yogurt, ice cubes and breast milk.
The silicone fruit pacifier can be separated before first use and washed with boiling or lukewarm water. Our food dispensing spoons are perfect for babies’ small mouths. Fruit feeders are the best choice for babies and toddlers to safely feed fruits, vegetables, porridge and first-time supplements.

The package includes:

Pink feeder fruit teether*1
Cyan feeder fruit teether*1
Light blue silicone soft spoon*1
Light pink silicone soft spoon*1
Nipple chain*1
Silicone pacifiers of different sizes*6 (2 large, medium and small)


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